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Submitted by:  Rosa Jimenez

I found my first Hound back in 1999.  He was a Beagle/Basset Mix aka Bagle.  I only had him a short time but
he was my inspiration to becoming involved in Rescue.  Because of Zak's coming into my life and allowing me
to experience "hound love", I was inspired to rescue and foster over 50 dogs.

Hounds are amazing dogs, give one a try today.  Foster a Hound and your life will never be the same. :)
Submitted by: Jeanine Guthrie

Goober came into our lives as a foster.  He was very thin and appeared to have been on the road for a while.   
He was afraid of almost everything, loud noises, the other dogs, thunder and most people.  We spent a lot of
time just comforting him.  Finally, he decided he was in a safe place and began to relax and fatten up.

    One day, I was sitting on the floor playing with him and he came over
    and wrapped his legs around my neck and gave me a big old smooch,
    then he sat down and looked at me with his big brown eyes and he
    and I both knew he was home.  Well, Goober now uses this ploy
    constantly to get whatever he wants and it works almost all the time.  
    Everyone who comes into this house gets a hug and a kiss.

    He is so funny, makes us laugh all the time, hence the name Goober.
    When we take him for walks, our neighbors come out to greet him and
    get a hug.  The neighborhood children like to show him off to their
    friends, they call him “The Smoocher Dog”.
I first learned about Bassets on television. I never missed
an episode of The Dukes of Hazzard. I couldn't have been
older than ten when I'd sit down with my grandfather and
find common ground. We both thought Roscoe P. Coltrain
was funny, but it was Flash who secretly stole our hearts.
Shortly after my first Basset, Walter, passed away I was
claimed by Ringo--a very large tri-color with the coolest
and most pronounced "GPS" device on his head. He
completely embodied what my childhood memories of
Flash were all about. He loved to sit on the couch and eat,
and sit on the couch and eat, and sit on the couch and eat.
When Ringo turned four, I knew he needed a friend. While
looking for breeders on-line, I came across Basset Rescue
and fell in love sight-unseen with what would turn out to
be a very thin and severly neglected small tri-color known
as "Buddy." Buddy was brand-new to the rescue. They
didn't even have a picture of him, but I knew that he was
the one, and a week later, he was Ringo's fast friend.
Submitted by: Allison Stephan _ Pete Boerner
Buddy has now been with us for almost two years and has been such a blessing to us and to Ringo. After
having experienced rescue, I wouldn't have it any other way. He is such a joy and brings so much love into
our lives. Buddy and Ringo are now brothers and most of the time, are still fast long as Buddy
doesn't yank Ringo's tail. Rescue has been one of the most wonderfully enriching things in our lives and we
hope to share our passion with others and pass along the greatest gift in the world.
****URGENT: WE CAN'T SAVE LIVES WITHOUT YOU!! FOSTER HOMES NEEDED NOW!! CLICK "FOSTER" TAB FOR MORE INFO!******* 7 million ADOPTABLE animals are put to death every year in US shelters because NO ONE ADOPTS THEM...Please help us stop the cycle of pet overpopulation by encouraging pet owners to spay/neuter their pets...Please ADOPT from area shelters and rescues, DO NOT SHOP pet stores or breeders...Be a part of the solution, not the problem

    Jason and I started off our family this past fall by
    purchasing our first Basset, Siouxsie Sioux, from a breeder.  
    We had our hearts set on bringing a Basset into our lives due
    to being a breed known to have such a pleasant disposition,
    which Siouxsie certainly does! We enjoyed having her
    around so much, we knew we would eventually get more.
    One day I was just looking online and came across the
    Basset Rescue site. Since we are living in an apartment, we
    assumed we could not adopt another, but we would certainly
    foster or do what we could to help out. Although, once we met
    Patricia, a foster hound who needed a home, we had to
    change our minds. We attended a Basset meet and greet for
    the organization and met Siouxsie’s sister, Patricia. Siouxsie
    and Patricia immediately got along, they began to play with
    one another and seemed like the perfect match. We couldn’t
    deny Siouxsie a sister or Patricia a home, so we adopted her
    right away! Patricia has been such an unexpected joy and
    pleasant addition to our household; she makes me laugh
    daily with her wild ways and sweet temperament. We will
    definitely be adopting more once we have more room, so
    many sweet, adorable Bassets need homes-we now realize,
    adoption is the only way to go!!
Submitted by:  Amelia K.
    We came across this website after having lost our basset Max
of 16 years.  We had gotten a basset pup and he was a hand full.  So
we thought he may need a brother.  We found this website and went out
to Katy Mills when they were having the dogs out there to look at.  We
automatically fell in love with "Buford" known now as Harley Davidson.
He is the sweetest boy and his brother Hunter took to him the moment
we brought him in the door.  He has been perfect and we wouldn't trade
him for anything.  Thanks to Basset Buddies we have a baby that is
Submitted by:  Shelia and Mark Greer
I adopted Sam who is now officially "TATER" on Sunday 09/09/2007.  Today is Tuesday 09/11/2007.  I
have to thank Shari and Allison for all of their help through the adoption process. It was truly painless.

Tater is the perfect replacement companion for my Roscoe who passed last month. They could not be more
different. Roscoe was a Mini Schnauzer and full of life. I love him and will never forget him.

Tater has come into my home and taken over in just three short days.  I now sleep in Tater's bed, sit on his
couch and walk in his neighborhood.  Tater has an abundance of personality and vive. Lets not confuse this
with energy - lol.  He would just as soon lay in my lap as walk down the street.

He has helped heal the wound in my heart for the loss of Roscoe.  I love him and feel he is already a vital
part of my family.  If you are reading this and are thinking about adopting a Basset, look no further than
Basset Buddies Rescue.  The have the perfect basset to take you over.

Thanks again Shari and Allison,
Jim and Tater Herndon
Submitted by:  Jim Herndon
Eric and I were looking online at different
animals in the area on We had
no intention of adopting but stumbled upon
Buddy. Eric had always wanted a basset
hound and he wanted to name him Buddy. I
wanted a beagle. When we saw Buddy (A
bagel - basset-beagle mix) we knew we had to
get him. He is the sweetest and funniest thing
ever. He was a little skiddish around Eric at
first but now the two are inseparable.
Buddy is a ladies' man and has to sit next to
whatever girl is in the room. When I am
studying he plays fetch by himself by
throwing the toy in the air and running to
catch it himself. It is the funniest thing ever.
We already spoil him so much it is ridiculous.
He goes with us everywhere on the weekends.
He is such a smart and good boy.
Submitted by:  Lindsay and Eric
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Submitted by:  Sara A.

Jake is in the category of Maxi-Basset. He is not the elephant seal subtype, like Riley (my other basset).
But he is definitely a heavyweight. His body is shaped like a an extra-long, extra thick bratwurst, with
several visible layers of fat.

He narrowly escaped death. He was diagnosed with "mange", and was about to be put down because the
shelter didn't want to pay the vet bills for this totally treatable condition. He was rescued by Basset
Buddies at the last minute. There was no way we were going to collude with the idea that mange was a
terminal condition.

    Jake rapidly demonstrated that he was ecstatic to be alive.
    Every moment is filled with joy for Jake, and whenever he
    sees me, he would just about knock me over as he jumped up
    to give me a big kiss on the face. I have never seen him in a
    bad mood. He is also a charismatic leader. He instantly
    became the idol of all the other dogs in the Gabbard
    household. Even Martin, the morbidly obese black cat likes
    him. Every time he passes Martin, he licks him on the face
    before moving on. Jake doesn't have a mean bone in his
    body. To put such a special basset to sleep because of the
    cost of mange treatment would be a crime.

    Jake weighed in at 62 pounds when he was rescued. He came at
    a time when one of my other bassets, Kordell, died of old age. He
    fit right in with the other dogs, and I just couldn't bear to see him
    go to someone else. He became a fixture in the household, so his
    "foster" status turned to "adoption." He has eaten heartily since
    his adoption, and I was shocked beyond belief three days ago
    when I discovered that he now weighs 77 pounds! He has
    immediately been placed on the canine version of the South
    Beach Diet. Fortunately, he is happy all the time so that the diet
    hasn't phased him.

Many people who are owned by dogs have said that dogs teach us how to live. In this context, Jake is a
guru. He teaches me that every moment of life should be filled with joy, appreciation and enthusiasm.
He is never irritable, never grumpy, and never aggressive. He takes life as it comes and figures that he's
lucky to be breathing. The rest of us can only aspire to that kind of happiness.
Thank you, Jake, for leading the way.
Submitted by:  Glen Gabbard
During the first 2 weeks, all Fred did was sleep for hours and hours each day.  He had a skin infection that
required multiple baths per week during which he had to sit with medicated shampoo on him for 5-10
minutes before rinsing.  This became our "bonding time".  He patiently sat and let me clean out his ears
(which are still working out years worth of old funk), and didn't even seem to mind that his horribly
crooked teeth and perpetually protruding tongue always cracked me up.  Soon it was time to start
heartworm treatment and the required activity restriction which, oddly enough, was not a problem for Fred.
As his health improved, Fred's personality really began to emerge.  He spent more and more time snuggling
with me and the other dogs, and would break out his "happy dance" every day when I got home from work.  
Usually a quiet guy, he started to give the occasional earth-rattling "Aroooof!" when he spied something he
wanted (always food-related).  He made a name for himself in the art community as one of the most prolific
4-legged painters of his generation (admittedly his art is produced en masse on my garage floor)!  Above all
else, Fred made it clear that it is almost impossible to feel down when you are cuddling with him.  Never
surly or snippy, Fred's emotions range from ecstatically happy to completely contented.  It was clear to all
that Fred had gone from fosterless hound to foster failure in the matter of a few weeks.  Even his basset
sister, Lucy, who was initially quite ambivalent regarding his presence, has taken a shine to Fred.  They
wrestle, snuggle, and waddle about the house together in search of food-related items.  Quite a pair indeed.

So, the moral of the story is to keep an open mind and don't be afraid to share your love with a hound in
need.  He or she might be a little messy, or noisy, or slobbery, but at the end of the day, that hound will be
there with unconditional love and his/her own little "happy dance" inspired solely by your presence.
Not a bad trade off, if you ask me.
Fred (aka Frank the Tank, aka Frederico, aka Rico Suave)
I picked Fred up at the shelter on a Saturday just before an adoption event with plans to drop him off at his
foster home.  However, his foster arrangements fell through, leaving me stuck with one dog too many at my
house and no clue what to do with him.  My first impression of Fred was that he was the fattest homeless
dog I had ever seen.  It was obvious he had not received appropriate care for quite some time as he had a
number of different infections - skin, eyes, ears - along with severe heartworm disease.  However, he was
just such a little butterball!  The shelter staff and I hypothesized that he must have been living behind a
Burger King and eating the nightly leftovers.  He does seem to perk up whenever he spies a drive-thru
As soon as we arrived home, I walked Fred out into the backyard to introduce him to his new surroundings.
 He started bounding around with excitement and ran headlong into the pool without realizing it was there.  
Basset swimming skills being what they are, Fatty von Fattawich sank like a stone and I had to fish him
out.  He was completely undaunted by this event and resumed his "happy dance" the minute he was
returned to dry land.  The other dogs clearly thought he was insane; I had yet to rule out brain damage of
some sort.
Submitted by:  Sandy Kohler
I saw the picture of Zoe on the website
back in July and as soon as I saw her, I
knew this was my baby.  She had been
picked up in March, severely
underweight, heartworm positive, and
full of hookworms.  She had  been
completely neglected of shelter, food, and
love.  This was all about to change for
this beautiful girl.
Since Zoe has come into our lives, she has given us endless amounts of joy.  She is such a little
love bunny and so funny in everything that she does.  It is truly amazing how she can be so open
to love after all that she has been through.  She doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body.  She
is little for a basset, but she has gained 9 pounds since she came to live with us.  Now that she is
finished with her heartworm treatment, she is starting to put on and keep on weight and has the
energy to play.  She is truly such a blessing and we are so lucky that she came into our lives.

I am already the proud mom of a rescue weenie-mix, and I wasn't sure about adopting a hound,
but I can honestly say that adopting Zoe was one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done.  
She is truly a blessing!
Submitted by:  Joe S.
I really want to thank
Basset Buddies for
bringing Rufus to our

All in all we're really
happy to be able to help
the poor guy out and give
him a nice home.
"Rufus seems to have Nordic roots. We found
this out soon after he razed a nearby village."
"Rufus also works closely with Jack Bauer protecting our
national security."

My husband, Tommy, has been a devoted
Basset hound lover for years. He has tried to
convince me to get a Basset for a long time
but I just didn't understand his fascination.
Since we have 2 very young children I was a
little afraid about having a dog.
Well...I had started looking at the Basset
Buddies site a few months ago and couldn't
get over how sweet their faces were.
So..a few weeks ago I read a story about
a little girl named Simone (we renamed her
Maggie). Her story broke my heart.  I couldn't
stand the thought of her being without a home so I filled out the paper work.  The very day I filled out
the paper work I received a call and went through the phone interview.

Simone a.k.a. Maggie came to our home to visit the very next day with her foster parents.
Well...we knew then..she would not be leaving with them. She has brought ultimate joy into our lives.
She is so gentle and smart. Within a week she had learned to sit, baby bark, speak and roll over.
She has learned to like our 17 year old Siamese cat and our cat has learned to tolerate her. When our
doorbell rings she sounds ferocious and doesn't charge anyone that we let in. She loves the
dog park and squirrels. We are constantly saying that we don't understand how she didn't work out
somewhere else but we are glad she didn't. We understand that she was digging up their
yard but hasn't done any of that in ours (not that we would really care). She has fit right in our
family like she was meant for us. We have already had our return address labels re-made to add
her to our list. Now I understand the look in their
eyes and that is all it takes.
Submitted by:  Tommy, Robyn,
Logan _ Lauryn Lafleur
We are Rugby's 4th and last family.  And I KNOW he's very
happy of that.  Rugs was obtained by a guy as a puppy and
decided he didn't want him anymore so he gave him to a friend.  
The friend was moving in to an apartment and couldn't have him
so Rugby somehow ended up in rescue.  Not sure if he was in a
shelter or if the guy contacted rescue.  The foster family that took
Rugs in said that he was very thin, had hardly no hair,  was
heartworm positive, had all other kinds of worms and was
just in very bad shape.  His foster family nursed him
back to health then became foster failures.  

Rugs lived with this family for about 2 1/2 years when they
decided to put him back in the system for adoption.  In the
beginning his family only consisted of a husband and wife.  But
now it was beginning to expand.  They had a young son and were
pregnant with another son.  The jobs that the husband and wife
held were also very demanding.  The wife worked long hours and
the husband was out of town for weeks at a time.  Rugs was not
getting the attention that he craved and deserved.  That's when
they decided that Rugs would be happier with a family that
had more time for him.  And that's where we come in!  
Our hound Jethro had just lost his best friend.  We had an 11
year old english springer spaniel when we got Jethro as
a puppy.  The English Springer had liver disease and we put
him to sleep at 14 years old.  Jethro was very depressed and
upset so we started shopping around for a basset and came
across Rugs.  Rugs is such a sweetheart and even though Jethro
was a little stubborn at first because he wanted his other brother
back, he finally came around and they are the best of friends.  
Jethro is "Mr. Mom".  He cleans Rugby's eyes and ears until
Rugby gets pretty fed up with the whole process and moves or
walks away.  Rugby has been such a blessing and such a joy to
have.  We would be lost without him and I know that Jethro
would have a nervous breakdown if he lost another brother.  
Rugby is also a fabulous big brother to every foster we bring
home.  He loves them to death, plays with them and puts up
with whatever they throw his way.  

We will never have another hound like Rugs.  We plan to enjoy
him for a good long time.  Rugby is 8 1/2 years old and we're
seeing some signs of aging but he's still happy, active and loves
everybody and everything.
Submitted by:  Cindy and Ronald Doyle
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